Courses Support

 2015-2016: Geometrie premiere annee

2015-2016: Theorie de Galois

2014-15: Topics in number theory (Master course)

2013-14: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Bachelor course)

2013-14: Analyse 2 (Unil)


Graduate courses

2013: An introduction to Artin representations (by Nahid Walji)

2012: Lectures on Arithmetic Quantum Chaos (by Paul Nelson)

2011: Ergodic Geometry (by Thomas Zamojski)

2010: Géométrie analytique p-adique et courbes algébriques (by Rodolphe Richard)


Semester and Master projects

2013-14 Correntin Perret “The Eichler-Shimura construction” (Advisor Akshay Venkatesh, Stanford)

2013-14 Alice Hedenlund “Applications of the Large Sieve to Galois theory” (Asst. Ian Petrow)

2012-13 Réda Boumasmoud “The relative trace formula” (Advisor Dinakar Ramakrishnan, Caltech)

2012-13 Correntin Perret “Répartition de Frobenius et application aux courbes elliptiques” (Asst. Nahid Walji)

2012-13 Correntin Perret “The correspondence between binary quadratic forms and quadratic fields” (Asst. Paul Nelson)

2011-12 Ailin Zhang “Le principe de Hasse-Minkowski” (Asst. Jeanine van Order)

2011-12 Mehdi Bida “Estimations somme-produit” (Asst. Nahid Walji)

2011-12 Bogdan Gheorghe “Structure des groupes algébriques” (Asst. Rodolphe Richard)

2010-11 Réda Boumasmoud “Introduction à la théorie de Tate” (Asst. Thomas Zamojski)

2010-11 Réda Boumasmoud “Formes modulaires et correspondance Thêta” (Asst. Nahid Walji)

2010-11 Maryam Zargari “Factorisation de grands entiers” (Asst. Thomas Zamojski)