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MED2 2423

On the coalescence of models with data for infrastructure assessment

This talk will be given in the frame of the SWICCOMAS General Assembly. The planning is:
14h – 15h Seminar by Eleni Chatzi, ETHZ
15h – 16h General Assembly
1.     SWICCOMAS board
2.     New ECCOMAS constitution
3.     SWICCOMAS price
4.     WCCM 2020, Paris
5.     Budget approval
6.       Short update by Prof. Eleni Chatzi, ECCOMAS Young Investigators.
16 – 17h Aperitif

By: Eleni Chatzi, Chair of Structural Mechanics, at the Institute of Structural Engineering, of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (DBAUG), ETH Zürich

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Infinity-operads as polynomial monads

I’ll present a new model for ∞-operads, namely as analytic monads. In the ∞-world (unlike what happens in the classical case), analytic functors are polynomial, and therefore the theory can be developed within the setting of polynomial functors. I’ll talk about some of the features of this theory, and explain a nerve theorem, which implies that the ∞-category of analytic monads is equivalent to the ∞-category of dendroidal Segal spaces of Cisinski and Moerdijk, one of the known equivalent models for ∞-operads.  This is joint work with David Gepner and Rune Haugseng.

By: Joachim Kock